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Self Dumping Hopper
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We can provide fast efficient
delivery with our company operated

Pull down trip leaver with spring
and safety chain

Reinforced front lip and edge.

Efficient Dump Limiting

Dump Position

Upright Position
Exclusive Design Features:

  • Heavy Duty Construction.
  • Balanced so the hopper automatically dumps when unlocked.
  • After dumping returns to upright position and locks.
  • Pull down trip leaver with spring and safety chain.
  • Smooth formed top edge.
  • Reinforced front lip and edge for durability.

Material Specifications:

Hopper: 3/16” Steel

Skid: ¼” Steel

Rocker Plate: ½" Steel

  • Base pre-punched for standard caster wheels.
  • Spring loaded tilt lock with safety chain.
  • Fork engaging holes 3” x 8”
  • Painted to customer colour specification.

Tilt lock with mechanical safety.
3-Way fork entry.
Hopper retaining chain and bracket.
Caster installed. Set of 4—2 rigid and 2 swivel.
Drain holes. 1¼" NPT.

Normally Stocked Sizes—
Other Sizes Available on Request:

Model Capacity
Cu. Yards
Description Length Width Height
SDH 1.5 1.5 Self Dumping Hopper 47 3/8" 69'' 45''
SDH 3 3 Self Dumping Hopper
75" 65'' 54''
SDH 4 4 Self Dumping Hopper
75" 65'' 66''

Note: Specifications subject to change without notice.
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