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F15-HV Transfer Compactor
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Charge Box.

Ram. Curved and Sloped 5°

Anti-Wear Material

Compactor Guide System
(shown from rear)

Material Deflector

Ram Floating Scraper Bar 

Trailer Latch Assembly with
Equalizing Feature. 

Fully Servicable Extra Heavy Duty
Ram Cylinder

Sample In-Plant Installation 

Sample Outside Plant Use 

Exclusive F-15 HV Design Features:

  • Manufacturers Rating: 15 Cu. Yd.
  • NSWMA Rating: 10.2 Cu. Yd.
  • Cycle Time: 34 sec.
  • Compaction Force: Normal. 154,000lbs @ 2,000 psi. System pressure.
  • Max. 192,000lbs @ 2,500 psi. System pressure.

Material Specifications:

These materials have been carefully selected for this specific product design to provide the best strength, structural integrity and longevity requiring little or no maintenance or repairs.

  • AR450. 180,000 psi. Yield strength.
  • AR450 Hardox provides 10-12 times the wear resistant qualities of mild steel.
  • It is used for all surfaces that come in contact with the garbage and any other surfaces that are subject to impact, frictional wear and abrasion where ultimate strength is required.
  • WearMax®. A Chromium Carbide Tungsten Alloy developed specifically to practically eliminate frictional wear between moving surfaces. Provides double the wear qualities of AR material. It is used in contact friction areas such as the bottom of the charge box and the matching surface of the ram.
  • HSLA80. High Strength, Low Alloy Steel is used on all fabricated structural members. It provides superior strength and bending resistance.
  • G40-12 Structural Grade. It is used for all structural frame members.
  • CR1045 and Cr1018: This is used for all pins. It provides maximum strength and is rated at 120,000 psi. Yield Strength.
  • All Fasteners are Grade 8 or Grade 9 depending on application demand.
  • Effective O. A. Length: 344”
  • Clear Top Opening: 77” x 123.75”
  • Effective Top Opening: 80.5” x 132”
  • Curved Ram Face: 48” x 80.5” (4,121 sq. in.)
  • Discharge Opening: 60” High x 80.5” Wide
  • Ram Stroke: 174” Max.
  • Ram penetration: 62”
  • Weight: 48,000 lbs (not incl. stand or power pack)

FEATURE: The compactor discharge nose section penetrates into the trailer 27”. This provides several benefits. It eliminates spillage from the trailer and greatly improves compacted material transfer to the trailer forward section. This improves weight distribution, optimizes load capacity and also reduces trailer side wall wear.

Charge Box:
  • Sides: 1” AR450 Hardox.
  • Floor Frame: Structural tube and channels.
  • Floor: 1” AR450 Hardox.
  • Frame: Structural tube and channel.
  • Anti-Wear: Five, ½” x 8” Wearmax® Chromium Carbide wear strips full length of floor. 

  • Face, Sides, Top & Bottom: 
  • 1” AR450 Hardox.

FEATURE: The ram face is curved and sloped 5º. The curved face increases effective area, minimizes stress and friction on trailer sidewalls for better material transfer.
The sloped face is designed to reduce friction on the trailer floor for extended life and increase material compaction in trailer upper space.

The charge box floor and ram bottom are equipped with stepped Chromium Carbide anti-wear sliders the full length of the charge box. The ram bottom also features Chromium Carbide anti-wear sliders combined with ¾" AR450 anti-wear strips 

FEATURE: This superior anti-wear system extends the usable life of the charge box and ram. The stepped layout prevents flat and laminated material from by-passing under the ram.

*Note: Specifications subject to change without notice.

Compactor Guide System:

Two, guide rollers are mounted laterally at the tail end of the ram assembly. The guide assembly is an inverted angle on which the grooved roller rides. This guide system maintains extreme accurate control of the lateral and vertical ram movement, and keep the ram in an exact rolling plane at all times. This perfect alignment reduces hopper floor wear and eliminates side wall wear caused by lateral and vertical misalignment. The full adjustability of the guide rollers and take up shoes ensure perfect ram alignment and frictionless movement under all load conditions.
FEATURE. This exceptional guide system keeps the ram in perfect alignment within the frame assembly and eliminates wear and loss of compaction force caused by misalignment. The frictionless maintenance free operation eliminates shoe replacement and is fully adjustable if required.

Guide Rollers:
The two guide rollers are 9” dia. V-grooved, equipped with tapered roller bearings with a combined static load rating of 100,000 LBF and a dynamic load rating of 150,000 LBF. They are completely sealed with lifetime lubrication, “maintenance free”.


Material Deflector:
The raised ram side plates combined with the inverted top guide prevents material from entering the space between the ram and the side walls, significantly increasing the box assembly life and preventing jam ups.

Loading Hopper: (To suit application)
Made to customer specification usually of ½” 50W plate with 4”x 4” structural tube and 3” channel reinforcement.

Scraper Bar: Self adjusting scraper bar fabricated from 1½” Hardox AR450 steel, prevents material from getting under packer blade.
Rides freely on top of ram, resulting in zero clearance and very efficient ram clean up. Floating design remains in contact with ram at all times without the need for periodic adjustments.

Latch Assembly and Trailer Take Up:
Full hydraulic operation powered by a separate
5 HP power pack.

FEATURE: Automatic hydraulic equalizing. The equalizing feature automatically distributes the force equally to each latch hook,  regardless of the trailer position.
Trailer pocket damage is reduced by 50%
The take up feature allows proper latching of trailers, reducing spillage and improving ram penetration.
Fast, safe connect and disconnect of trailer.

Ram Cylinders:
Super Heavy Duty – 3000 psi rated.
Twin 7” Bore, 5” rod, chrome induction hardened to 55 Rockwell 1/16” deep, 174” stroke. Respective ram penetration = 62”. Two-piece gland assembly, removable base and end cap, removable seal pack, dual rod wiper and external rod wiper. This cylinder is fully serviceable without removing the cylinder from the compactor. Externally mounted rod wiper can be replaced in less than half an hour.
The upgrade to (2) 7” bore, 5” rod cylinders from (1) 10” bore, 7” rod cylinder provides; reduced costs, easier replacement (if required) and increased psi rating from 2,500 to 3,000 psi.

The F15-HE Hydraulic Power System is Designed for Simplicity and Dependability

Power Pack:
Dennison high efficiency tandem vane pump, combined output 120 gpm @ 1750 rpm.
60 HP TEFC Electric motor. High-low system and Regen circuit. Three speeds on extend cycle, two speeds on retract.
Normal operating pressure, 2,000 psi, maximum 2,500 psi.
180 US Gallon reservoir complete with pressure gauge, oil level sight gauge, oil cooler and 10 micron filtration system on separate circulation pump.
Suction line strainer, 160 micron / 180 gpm with magnetic trap. Fully serviceable without loss of fluid.
Automatic low oil shut off & high temp. shut off. Pump delivery is indexed by computer to vary the speed according to the load demand.


Touch Screen Control. Allows the operator to monitor the operation of the compactor and to change operating parameters of the machine on the screen.
Important Features:
Requires little or limited operator input when all operating parameters are set. Operator function could be limited to Start and Stop.
The PLC operation offers many programmable features including; auto or manual operation, number of strokes before shut down and more.
The operator can set the parameters to suit a particular operation, weather conditions or different material types.

Self diagnostics to instantly detect and display any malfunction. Combined with the main PLC, it provides for tailor made operating parameters and customization.

Automatic pack out. If maximum pressure is detected before the packing ram has reached full extension, the system automatically switches to pack out mode. This is a short stroke function. In short stroke mode, the ram will extend until maximum pressure is reached then stop and retract. The retract stroke is a timed short stroke. The short stroke cycles will continue until the pre-programmed number of cycles has been completed then stop. (Both the short stroke time and number of cycles can be programmed on the control panel.)

Automatic clearance of blockage. If maximum pressure is detected before the packing ram has reached full extension, the system automatically switches to pack out mode as described above. However the trailer may not be packed out and may only have a temporary blockage. If during short stroke mode the ram is able to complete a full extend stoke (indicating blockage has been cleared) without reaching maximum pressure, the system will automatically switch back to normal pack mode.

Both Pack Out and Blockage Clearance modes are automatically activated with no operator intervention required.

Cycle Controls: Heavy Duty limit switches, two each end. Deceleration / ramp up switch and stop / reverse motion switch.
The Ram Deceleration feature automatically decelerates the ram before the end of the stroke providing smooth operation while reducing pressure spikes and machine shock.

Cycle Speeds: When the system is operating at less the 900 psi it will run at high speed. Once the psi reaches 900 psi the speed will automatically switch to medium. When the operating pressure reaches 1,150 psi, the system will automatically switch to low speed.


  • Main Power Supply: 600 Volt – 3 Phase
  • 480 Volt – 3 Phase also available.
  • Cycle Management: Computerized 110 Single Phase. (Inputs 24V DC, outputs 110V)

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