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Closed Top Compaction Transfer Trailer
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Fanotech Transfer Trailers are
equipped with “Live Floors” for
load ejection. The hydraulic drive
unit is front mounted.

During operation all deck slats move
out together, moving the load with

Then the slats return to their starting
position sequentially, with every third
slat in unison.

Tailgate for standard
compactor opening. Painted
stainless steel light bar.

Rear bumper with centre pin
hook up for compactor

Heavy Duty Side pocket for
compactor grabs.

Suspension & lift axle
control boxes. Weatherproof
stainless steel. 

Holland Mark V Landing Gear
180,000# capacity 

Exclusive FR Design Features:

  • Specifications to suit application for maximum payload and optimal body strength.
  • Light weight construction similar in overall weight to aluminum trailers with comparable load
  • capacity and superior body strength.
  • Leak-proof or standard floor understructure available.
  • Front Drive live floor system.
  • Wide floor (93¾") for efficient and more effective unloading.
  • Tapered body design for improved unloading.
  • Streamlined body design for better wind resistance.
  • Available in tandem to 6 axle, 48 to 53 foot length.
  • Also available in stainless steel construction.

Material Specifications:

Body Style:
  • Closed Top Compaction .
  • Vertically Tapered Body.
  • Curved Sides & Roof.
  • Rear Side pockets or center pin hookup for transfer compactor.

  • Front Drive Live Floor.
  • 24 Slat System. 3.75 " Aluminum
  • Flat Deck with 36” wear Strips.
  • Effective Deck Width, 93¾".
  • (Also available with “Tuff Deck”)

  • CAPACITY: From 115 – 132 Cu. Yards
  • LENGTH BODY INSIDE: From 48’ - 50’ - 53’
  • WIDTH Overall : 101 3/4”
  • HEIGHT Overall: 13’ 4” (with 49” Ride Height)
  • KING PIN Height: 49”

  • Curved section with rounded corners .
  • Swing inspection door to access front drive mechanism.
  • Load inspection hole.
  • Heavy duty hinged slope plate.
  • Curved sections. Hardox material
  • Rear and intermediate posts integrally mounted to base and side skirt.
  • Heavy Duty Side pocket for compactor grabs.
Curved with rounded corners reinforced with tapered cross channels.

  • Dutch style or overlapping dual door for standard compactor opening.
  • Locking Mechanism with take up over centre lever.
  • Removable Stainless Steel Light Bar.
  • Main rails 12”x 6.5” Wide Flange I-Beam.
  • Cross members - 4” I-Beam at 12” on centre.
  • Fifth wheel frame, with self-cleaning tubular construction.
  • King pin plate 3/8” - Hardox® AR-450 180,000# Min Yield.
  • Rear Bumper assembly Integral with main frame and includes rear apron and single pin hook up.
  • Leak proof models have curved understructure fabricated from stainless steel.
  • Static: Hendrickson HT250 30,000# capacity with single ride height control valve.
  • Lift: Hendrickson HT250 30,000# capacity with single air bag lift mechanism.
  • Stainless steel control box with electric and manual controls, including pressure regulator.
  • Wide Track, 77” Track.
  • 22,500# rated capacity equipped with 25,000 capacity 10 bolt piloted hub, M22-1.5 stud, 33 mm. flange nut.
  • Stemco seals.
  • 16.5” x 7” ,CM-18 asbestos free brake pads.
  • Anchorlock Gold 30/30
  • Haldex automatic slack adjusters.
  • Cam enclosure & dust shield.
Standard Landing Gear:
Holland Mark V 180,000# capacity with sand pads.

Standard Tires:
Bridgestone 11R22.5 R-250 rib type load range G.

Std Wheels:
8.25x22.5 Steel hub pilot.

  • Midland nose box.
  • Includes one 7 pin connector, one 5 pin connector, individual circuit breakers and air system glad hands.
  • Grote blue seal system includes 7 wire harness.
  • All LED lighting.
  • 2 1/2” Sealed beam clearance & marker lights,4 each side.
  • Mid body turn signal.
  • 4 1/2” Sealed beam stop, tail, turn lights - 3 on each side of tailgate plus center cluster.
Air System:
  • Air pressure gauge mounted on front control box.
  • Colour coded 3/8” nylon tubing.
  • Manual dump valve.
  • Each axle serviced by one jumbo air tank equipped with drain valve, pressure protection and check valve.
ABS Brakes:
  • Stationary axles only.
  • Haldex PLC Select ECU platform.
  • Model #4S/2M or 2S/1M depending on number of axles.
10’ Long 1” diameter high pressure and return lines with standard male and female quick disconnect.

Misc. Equipment:
  • Removable mud flaps.
  • One tire rack.
  • Aluminum tube document holder.
  • Conspicuity tape.
Finish Frame & Body:
Sandblasted, one coat of epoxy primer, Two coats Acrylic Urethane to customer specifications.

*Note: Specifications subject to change without notice.

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