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Side Loder Two-Stream Model F 175 HEV
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Sweep action ram provides
maximum compaction.


Split hopper. Shown with optional hydraulic chute to help direct material to far compartment.


Maintenance free guide rollers at rear extremity of blade.


6” Wide “WearMax” Chromium Carbide wear strips on hopper floor and bottom of blade.


“C” Type curved frame drop insert is fabricated from ½" high strength steel and “Huck Bolted” to original frame. No welding on OEM frame.


Scissor type hose carrier with hydraulic swivel joints eliminates twisting and flexing of hydraulic hoses at body hinge.


Oil reservoir is mounted top of frame back of cab directly over pump. Includes in tank return filter an external tank mounted suction strainer.

Cab control console and breaker panel.

Packer control system (PCS)

Exclusive F-175 HEV Design Features:

Packing ram penetrates body 26 inches virtually eliminating fall back.
Because of the unique Sweep Action design the Ram does not stop at the bottom of the floor slope section but continues to push the material completely up the slope section into the body resulting in maximum compaction.

  • Curved packer face to enhance compaction.
  • Packer Swept volume of 1.75 cu. yd. 
  • High efficiency packer requires no crusher panel eliminating any related safety issues.
  • Rigid two-piece ram design requires has no hinged follower panels or rollers.
  • Tapered body design for easier unloading
  • Body and tailgate made of high strength wear-resistant material.
  • One-piece body and hopper design.
  • “Easy Lube” system. All remote lubrication points are equipped with high pressure hoses to ensure all grease points are accessible from the ground and outside of the body
  • Sealed, spherical, self-aligning bearings on all cylinders to prevent cylinder side loading and ensure longer trouble free service.
  • All pivot points are sealed to ensure grease retention under all weather conditions, resulting in extended lube intervals, and many hours of maintenance free operation. 
  • Scissor type hose carrier with swivel hydraulic fittings eliminates flexing and twisting of hydraulic hoses and electrical lines around rear body hinge.

Std body sixes: 29, 33 & 38 Cu Yd for 6x4 chassis and 17 & 22 cu. yd. for 4x2 chassis..
Available split ratios; 50/50, 60/40, 70/30

Material Specifications:

Body Floor: 3/16” 80,000# yield.
Body sides front: 3 mm., Hardox AR450 180,000# yield
Body sides rear: 12 Ga. 80,000# yield.
Internal dividing wall: 2 ½” formed channels with 12 Ga. 80,000# yield skin each side.
Tailgate sides and rear: 12 Ga. 80,000#yield.
Tailgate frame: 12 Ga. 80,000# yield.
Tailgate lower light box: 10 Ga. Stainless 316
Tailgate upper light bar: 3/16"Aluminum
Hopper floor (including slope to body): 5/16” Hardox AR450, 180,000# yield.
Hopper sides: ¼" Hardox AR450, 180,000# yield.
Hopper Doors: 3/16” Aluminum 60” x 72”
Ram face: ¼” Hardox AR450, 180,000# yield.
Ram top: 3/16” Hardox AR450, 180,000# yield.
Ram skirt: 10 Ga. 120,000# yield.
Packer divider plate: ⅜" Hardox AR450, 180,000# yield.

Two-Compartment Vertically Split Body with dual skin internal body wall.
Strong and Light. Semi-elliptical design with curved sides, roof and floor.
Tapered body design for easier off-loading.
Underside of body is smooth, no cross members. Easy to clean. Also dirt, stones etc. cannot collect on cross members and fall off while vehicle is in motion.

Dual tailgates with individual in cab controls.
Semi-round w/ HD slide type hinges allow automatic open / close action
Four (4) bottom locks. 2 each tailgate (50/50 split)
Neoprene gasket 20” up each side, stainless steel removable retainers.
Stainless steel lower light box.

Hopper and Packer:
Unique Innovative (Patent pending) ram guide system: Virtually maintenance free.
The rigid blade assembly is equipped at the leading end with adjustable side guide plates fabricated from 3/8” Hardox AR450 plate. The other extremity is equipped with a pair of HD grooved permanently lubricated self-aligning rollers following a curved pair of guide bars permanently fixed to the hopper sides.
This guide system does not require hopper guide tracks, wear shoes and/or roller followers which can be costly and time consuming to replace.
Packer cylinders installed diagonally. Full articulating mounts at each end of cylinder allow up, down and side to side movement, absolutely no side loading on cylinders.
Large clean out sumps both sides of hopper.
The packer divider plate is bolted to the ram face and requires no pivoting action or special guide system.
The divider plate is curved the same as the hopper floor and penetrate the body divider wall when the ram is cycled forward.
The divider plate does not at any point pass through the hopper floor. There is a guide pocket in the interior body wall. The pocket is open on one side to provide self cleaning.
18” High x 76” wide packer blade.

*Note: Specifications subject to change without notice.

Hydraulic System:

Hi-efficiency Gear or vane pump.
Standard installation is transmission PTO mount with an enclosed PTO shaft extension.
(No exposed PTO shaft.) Front mount also available.
Pump over-speed control system.
35 Gal. hydraulic reservoir mounted top of frame behind cab, provides direct gravity feed to pump.
Pressurized tank not required.
External tank mounted suction line strainer with integral shut off and magnetic trap, 100 mesh 100 gpm.
Element can be removed and cleaned or replaced without removing oil from tank.
In tank return filter 10 micron/100 gpm
Oil level sight gauge.
Non-vented filler cap and 10 micron spin on breather filter.

“Eliminator” ultra high pressure, two (2) wire, crimp type fittings.
W.P. ½” =5,000 psi, ¾” = 4,500 psi, 1” = 3,500 psi
Nylon Guard hose protection.
Hydraulic tube: Rated at 5,000 psi working press, zinc chromate finish.
60 GPM Parker VA35 control valve with air actuators. Two (2) sections mounted on oil tank for hoist and tailgate functions, one (1) section mounted to hopper for packer function.
Using two control valves minimizes the number of hydraulic lines under the body and along the truck frame.
Tailgate circuit has check valve and drain fuse to maintain constant closing pressure.

Hydraulic Cylinders:
HD manufactured for long life, severe service application, internal gland design.
Rods are induction hardened to 55 Rockwell .065 deep and protected with 2 mil hard chrome.
Rod seals: Two-piece design. One high pressure and one buffer seal. Hi-tech rod wiper.
Aluminum pistons for better heat dispersion and anti-wear qualities.
Long life piston seals: High quality bi-directional low friction.
Cylinder pivot points equipped with self-aligning sealed bearings. Prevents side loading and extends service life of pivot pins.

Frame Drop:
Smooth curved frame drop is designed to leave as much of the original frame in tact as possible. The “C” Type curved frame drop insert is fabricated from ½" high strength steel and “Huck Bolted” to original frame. No welding on OEM frame. Hopper loading height is approx. 4” above original frame height.


In Cab control console contains:
  • Air over hydraulic controls for hoist.
  • Individual locking air over hydraulic control for each tailgate.
  • (No tailgate selector switch required)
  • On/off switch for hydraulic system.
  • On/off switch for aux and flashing lights. (If equipped)
  • Large red master power button. (E-stop)
  • Green packer start cycle button.
  • Highly visible LED indicator lights for PTO on, tailgate ajar, and packer in motion.
  • Electronic alarm for tailgate ajar.
  • Power relay module (PRM) for battery feed with built in fuses for switched and non-switched circuits, and breaker panel with addition circuits for auxiliary equipment.
  • Deutsch HD sealed bulkhead connectors.
  • Packer control buttons mounted in weatherproof composite box front RH of hopper. Controls include stop, start cycle, reverse cycle, and jog forward. Switch for single or multi-cycle.
  • Full length emergency stop bar on hopper sill.
  • LH hopper mounted packer controls also available.
  • Packer cycle controlled by HD watertight limit switches.
  • Weatherproof control box on front of hopper houses the electronic PCS (Packer Control System) which controls the packer system. Has two quick connect electrical connectors for easy removal.

Electrical System:

  • Vapour proof sealed system. All Exterior junction boxes are weather tight.
  • Lighting system meets or exceeds present federal and provincial standards.
  • Includes side marker lights, turn, back up and stop on tailgate.
  • All lights are LED seal beam type with shock free rubber mounts.
  • Electrical junction box at rear of vehicle is enclosed in rear body sill (protected from road spray) and accessible through a cover plate.

Safety Equipment:

  • Panic bar on hopper sill.
  • Tailgate open warning light.
  • 6 ¼” Clearance between breaker bar and ram eliminates potential pinch point.
  • No crusher panel required eliminating safety issues associated with crusher panel.
  • Rubber grommet mounted back up alarm in lower tailgate is activated by selection of reverse gear
  • or when tailgate is ajar.
  • Body safety props
  • Tailgate safety props.

  • Complete body and hopper cleaned and sandblasted.
  • Two (2) coats epoxy primer.
  • Two (2) coats urethane paint.

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