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Roll Off Hoist Model TFR60 HD
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One Single Stage Reeving Cylinder


Standard Pintle Hook Mounting
Bracket and Safety Chain Hook Up.
Painted Stainless Steel Light Box


Rear Hinge Assembly with 2½"
Hardened Pins and Sealed Self
Aligning Bearings


Stainless Steel Reservoir with Top
Mounted Return Filter, External
Suction Housing and Spin-on
Breather Filter Element.


Controls In Cab


Controls Back of Cab

Standard Aluminum Tool Box
Mounted Left Side. (Space Permitting.)


Fold Up Rear Bumper.

Optional Stabilizer Roller.

Exclusive TRF 60 HD Design Features:

  • Heavy Duty 60,000# Frame.
  • One Single Stage Reeving Cylinder, Eliminates expensive telescopic cylinder or dual reeving cylinder with extremely long cable
  • Unique cable reeving system allows for rapid action to load and unload containers. 
  • Will push off a fully loaded container without tilting the frame.
  • Cable replacement in 30 minutes or less.
  • Sealed spherical self-aligning bearing built into each cylinder pivot point to extend lube intervals and bearing life. 
  • Main cable sheave mounted on dual sealed bearings.
  • Hose Assemblies super high-pressure (½” Hose rated at 5000 PSI working pressure).
  • Short cable length compared to other reeving type systems.
  • Available in 23.5 and 26 foot rail lengths.

Material Specifications:

  • Nominal Lift Capacity: 60,000 lbs. 
  • Rail Length: 23’– 6” (usable 22’ -6”), or 26’ (usable 25’). 
  • C.A Requirements: 23’ 180-185”, 26’ 200-210” (Add 6” with tarper.)
  • Tilt Angle: 48 degrees

Frame and Structure:
  • Frame: 4” x 12” x ⅜" Tubular Frame Sections.
  • Rail Sliders: 3/8 X 3 ½ wide AR-450 full length. 
  • Front Stop Plate: 1” plate - hook shape.
  • Rear Hinge Ass’y: Double hinge assembly each side with 2 ½ hardened pins and sealed self aligning bearings. Included mounting bracket for stabilizer roller, trailer hitch and safety chain hook up. 
  • Reeving Cable : 7/8 with swivel safety latch hook 
  • Sheave Carrier: Heavy Duty sliding Frame with 18” wear pads and Cable pin off adjustment.
  • Sheave Carrier Guide: WearMax Chrome Carbide wear plates. Used to eliminate wear bar replacement.
  • Main Sheave: 2” X 12”with solid 2 ½” shaft. Rotates on dual 2” sealed self-aligning bearings.
  • Idler Sheave: 2” X 12”with sealed self aligning bearings. 2 ½” pin
*Note: Specifications subject to change without notice.

Hydraulic System:

HD Gear 40 GPM @ 1000 RPM. (Front mount or Transmission mount)

Hydraulic Tank: 35 US Gallons. Tank size is minimized due to the advanced single cylinder reeving system.
Equipped with tank top mounted return filter -10 Micron, 120 gpm. External Suction Strainer 100 Mesh and six magnets, with integral shut off and oil sight gauge. Suction Strainer can be serviced without draining oil from tank. Spin on filler breather. Non-vented filler cap. 10 micro breather.
Reservoir is fabricated from stainless steel to eliminate internal rusting from 

Reeving Cylinder:
 1– Single Stage, 8" Bore X 104" stroke. (118” for 26ft hoist) double acting, 4" induction hardened chromed rod (RC-55 Hard Chrome) and dual rod wipers and high pressure and buffer seals. Rated operating pressure 2500 psi. Reeving cylinder is fastened to the hoist frame; rod is the only moving part. The rod movement is supported throughout the cycle by the sheave carrier, therefore it is not subjected to lateral loads that reduce the life of seals and induce cylinder leakage.

Tilt Cylinders:
 2– Single Stage, 6” Bore X 80" stroke 3 1/2" dia. hardened chromed rod, dual rod seals.
Pivot point with sealed self aligning bearings. Rated operating 2500 psi.
Tilt cylinder mounting plates are ¼" 80,000# yield, “Huck” bolted to chassis frame with ⅝" Huck bolts.

70 GPM Sectional with Main Relief & Individual Port relief for reeving and tilt cylinders.


  • Pump Control: On Off Direct air in cab.
  • Hoist Control: In Cab and outside behind cab Direct Pneumatic.
  • Reeving Control: In Cab and outside behind cab Direct Pneumatic.

Electrical System:

  • Rear Light Bar: Stainless steel construction.
  • Includes rear lights, side marker light, audible back up alarm.
  • Mid Body Turn Signals: Mounted on side fender housing.
  • Back Up Lights: High powered, mounted on rear fender housing.
  • Wiring & Lights: Lights are sealed beam, rubber mounted LED. 
  • No External Wiring, all wiring is totally enclosed and protected special loom. All LED lighting.

Miscellaneous Equipment:

  • Fenders: Checkered plate construction, with integral light boxes for back up light and mid-turn signal.
  • Toolbox: Aluminum construction, key lock, 18 X 18 X 48. Frame mounted left side.
  • Rear Mud Flaps: Mounted behind rear wheels.
  • Safety Prop Arms: Each side of rail frame.
  • Paint: Standard paint black or to customer colour specification.
  • Pintle Hook Plate.
  • Fold-away rear impact guard.

Optional Features:
  • Rear spot light.
  • Bed up indicator and light 
  • Air operated pintle hook.
  • Rear Stabilizer Roller with in cab and back of cab air over hydraulic control.
  • 48” Stinger assembly with in cab and back of cab air over hydraulic control.
  • Tail mounted roller, 6” dia.
  • Running rails, inside/outside slider.
  • Running rails, inside only.
  • Rollers, outside rails only.
  • Manual flip up stops.
  • Air operated flip up stops
  • Painted stainless steel fenders in lieu of standard steel checker plate.
  • Hydraulic stinger. (48”)
  • Additional tool box. 
  • Tarping systems.
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