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Rear End Loader Two-Stream Model F374
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Low Friction Trackless Packer Mechanism


Hydraulic Reservoir


Ejector & Tailgate Controls


Packer Controls


In Cab Control Box


Automatic Tailgate Locks

Moving Floor Option also Available for One or Both Compartments

Exclusive F-374 Design Features:

The Fanotech F374 two-compartment rear loader has all the enduring features of our F370 standard rear loader with the added capability to collect two separate commodities. Because each body compartment has its own tailgate and ejector, each compartment can be off-loaded independent of the other at the same location or at different locations.

  • Two-compartment vertically split body with separate tailgate for each compartment.
  • No cross contamination between compartments or tailgates.
  • Body split ratio available from 50/50 to 85/15
  • Body is 4” wider than single stream body therefore total capacity is the same.
  • Hopper is also wider providing the same combined volume as the single stream unit.
  • Hopper swept area, 3.7 cubic yards, largest in the industry! (Total both tailgates)
  • Separate ejector mechanism with telescopic cylinder for each compartment.
  • Moving floor option also available in lieu of ejector, in one or both compartments.
  • Semi Elliptical body shape. Flex Body design. Curved body surfaces including floor to maximize strength, and minimize weight. High volume with lowest body weight.
  • Packer structure made exclusively of High Strength, Wear Resistant materials up to 190,000 yield – 450 Brinell Hardness
  • Balanced weight distribution for legal axles weight loading.
  • Quick cycle time of 29 – 33 seconds (combined cycle) means high productivity
  • Easy Lube System. All grease points reachable from the ground and/or outside of the hopper. 
  • Tailgate trackless packing mechanism with high efficiency pivoted joints on sealed spherical bearings and heavy-duty rubber trunnions.
  • “ A” Arm Assembly Packing Mechanism, fully adjustable, mounted on rubber trunnions, no lubrication required. Prevents side loading and eliminates friction and wear.
  • Long Life Hydraulic Cylinders, simply bullet proof.
  • Spherical bearings protected by heavy-duty shaft seals to ensure grease retention under all conditions for extended lube intervals & bearing life.
  • No roof mounted lines. All hydraulic and electrical lines are installed inside the left side body skirt protected from the elements.
  • Automatic tailgate lock and unlock. Super safe and adjustable.
  • Designed for Long life and low maintenance.

Available in 25 and 31 Cubic yard body configurations.

Material Specifications:

Floor: 3/16 High Strength Wear Resistant 95,000 yield.
Sides and Roof: Front Section, 10 Ga. High Strength Wear Resistant 95,000 yield
Rear Section, 3mm Hardox AR-500.

Curved front sheet 10 Ga AR450.
Guide track is heavy duty with integral 3 ½” Hardox AR-450 anti-wear bar.
(Also available with Chromium-Carbide anti-wear material)
Guide shoes with integral anti-wear slider pads. Hardox AR-450
(Also available with Chromium-Carbide anti-wear material)

Sides: Front Section: ¼” Hardox AR450.
Rear Section: 3/16 Hardox AR-450.
Hopper Bottom: Front Section 1/4” Hardox AR-450.
Rear Section 3/16” Hardox AR-450.
Packer Blade: ¼” Hardox AR450 with ½ x3½” blade tip.
Packer Slide Shield: 3mm Hardox AR450.

*Note: Specifications subject to change without notice.

Hydraulic System:

Heavy Duty Gear pump. Standard installation is transmission PTO mount with enclosed PTO shaft. (No exposed PTO shaft.) Operating rage 800-1,000 RPM. (Front mount pump installation also available if chassis equipped for same)

Front Control Valve:
With non-adjustable main pressure relief. Set at 2200 PSI. Ejector control section is equipped with relief unloading cartridge for uniform load density.

Rear Control Valve:
Adjustable main relief. Pack and sweep cylinder control sections equipped with kick out feature & Regen Valve to reduce cycle time.

Heavy duty manufactured for severe service applications with internal gland design. Chromed rods, induction hardened to 55 Rockwell .065 deep and protected with 2 mil hard chrome. High quality two-piece rod Seals: One high pressure and one buffer seal. Hi-tech rod wiper.
Aluminum piston for better heat dispersion and anti-wear qualities. Long life piston seals; high quality bi-directional low friction. All cylinders are equipped with spherical self aligning bearings at each pivot point to prevent side loading and to extend service life of pivot pins and bushings. Cushioned ends to prevent bottoming (packing and sweep cylinders only).

55 gallon capacity. Tank can be mounted inside body front or outside under body left side front.
Tank mounted 100 gpm, 10 micron return filter.
Externally mounted suction line strainer, 100 mesh 100 gpm, with integral shut off and magnetic trap. Element can be cleaned or changed without draining oil from tank.
Non-vented filler cap and 10 micron spin on breather filter element.

Hydraulic Lines:
Steel lines rubber mounted, 5,000 PSI minimum working pressure. Hose assemblies’ Parker Eliminator for maximum working pressure. Nylon guard hose protection.
All lines to the rear of the body are enclosed in the left side lower body skirt. There are no hydraulic or electrical lines on the roof of the body.


  • Single lever controls for each ejector and tailgate, located on front left side of body.
  • Outside throttle control, mounted on front left side of body.
  • Dual lever control for both packing mechanism located on right side of tailgate. (Curb Side)
  • Cab mounted control box with pump (on/off) control, indicator lights for pump on and tailgate ajar. Toggle switches for optional equipment and operator signal alarm.

Electrical System:

  • Sealed lockable electrical panel at front of body containing all connections and relays for packer control and body lighting.
  • Sealed electrical junction box inside tailgate (top)
  • All electrical lines are routed to the rear of the body inside of the left side lower
  • body skirt, protecting them from the elements.
  • In cab control box complete with individual circuit breakers, control switches and warning lights.
  • All premium LED body lighting.
  • Top mounted rear lights, 2 each side, stop, turn and tail.
  • Bottom of hopper rear lights, one each side, stop, turn, tail and back up.
  • Mid body marker/signal lights.

Safety Equipment:

  • Pump deactivation when body inspection door is opened.
  • Steps and grab handles to enter body front.
  • Grab handles on each side of tailgate.
  • Tailgate ajar warning buzzer.
  • Audible backup alarm.
  • Automatic tailgate locking mechanism.
  • Driver signal buzzer on right side of tailgate.
  • Conspicuity reflective tape.
  • Packer blade anti-splash rubber flap.

  • Dual Spring body hold down. Two on each side of body.
  • Rear Mount, rigid to chassis frame.

  • Sandblasting and cleaning of entire body.
  • Two coats of epoxy primer.
  • Two finish coats of Sherwin Williams Genesis Acrylic Urethane.

Miscellaneous Equipment:

  • Sealed Tailgate 28” up each side.
  • Automatic tailgate locks-fully adjustable.
  • Adjustable side mounted rear steps.
  • Splash guard behind rear wheels.
  • Mud flaps in front of rear wheels.
  • Body inspection side door.
  • Broom and shovel holder.
  • 18” x 18” x 36” Frame mounted steel tool box. (Space permitting)
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