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Fanotech Enviro Inc. Mobile Equipment
F480 Front End Loader

- Semi-elliptical body

- Heavy-duty 3 ½” wide packer guide track

- Curved face packer blade for greater strength

- Entire body made of wear resistant, super high strength steel

- High efficiency hydraulic system

Roll Off Hoist Model TFR60 HD

- Heavy Duty 60,000# Frame

- One Single Stage Reeving Cylinder

- Unique cable reeving system

- Sealed spherical self-aligning bearing

- Main cable sheave mounted on dual sealed bearings

- Hose Assemblies super high-pressure

- Short cable length compared to other reeving type systems

Rear End Loader F370

- Semi Elliptical body shape. Flex Body design.

- Hopper swept area, 3.7 cubic yards

- ½" x 3½” Hardox AR-450 packer blade tip anti-wear bar.

- Optimal weight distribution.

- Tailgate trackless packing mechanism

- “A” Arm Assembly Packing Mechanism

- Automatic tailgate lock and unlock.

Rear End Loader Two-Stream Model F374

- Two-compartment vertically split body with separate tailgate

- Body split ratio available from 50/50 to 85/15

- Separate ejector mechanism

- Balanced weight distribution

- Quick cycle time of 29 – 33 seconds

- Automatic tailgate lock and unlock

Side Loder Two-Stream Model F 175 HEV

- Curved packer

- Packer Swept volume 1.75 cu yd

- High efficiency packer

- Tapered body design

- “Easy Lube” system

- All pivot points sealed

- Scissor type hose carrier

Side Loader F175HE

- Curved packer face to enhance compaction.

- Packer Swept volume 1.75 cu yd

- High efficiency packer.

- Rigid two-piece ram design.

- Sealed, spherical, self-aligning bearings on all cylinders.

- All pivot points are sealed to ensure grease retention.

- Scissor type hose carrier with swivel hydraulic fittings.


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